ML Engineer, investor and part time founder.

I’m Adam, an ML engineer and angel investor based in London. I love working on cool projects as well as investing in startups.

Work Experience

Instagram - Senior ML Engineer
I'm a senior ML engineer at Instagram. I work on building recommendation models which involves the entire ML model lifecylce. This includes building data pipelines, identifying features, building/tuning ML models, deplying models to production.
Google (Maps) - Software Engineer
I was a software engineer on two teams, namely the data infrastructure and business insights teams. My work spanned building data infrastructure as well as building full-stack features for businesses.
Google (Android) - Data Scientist
I was a data scientist on the Android Enterprise and Android Wear teams. My work involved building ML models to predict user behaviours as well as understanding broader market trends.
DN Capital - Investor
I was an investment intern and was involved in multiple deals. I sourced and conducted due diligence for companies across multiple industries, including ML/Security/Data Infrastructure/Proptech.


Harrow School

I completed my A-Levels at Harrow School and achieved 5A*s at A-Levels (Maths, Further Maths, Additional Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics) and 2As at AS (Statistics, Biology). I also won several nationwide academic awards including:

  • 1st place at the UK Chemistry Olympiad
  • 1st place at C3L6 competition (national chemistry competition)
  • Top 50 British Physics Olympiad
  • BMO1/2 (British Maths Olympiad) Participant

University of Cambridge

I studied Natural Sciences (Physical) at the University of Cambridge. I graduated with a First Class Masters and am a senior scholar. I completed a Masters in natural sciences and predicted the transition states of various reactions using machine learning.

Continuous learning

Having left university, I keep up with development in various fields by continuously learning. I have completed several Coursera courses ranging from algorithms, deep learning, accounting, microeconomics and many others. For a selection of courses I've completed, check out the 'Licenses and Certifications' section on my Linkedin.


Here are some projects I've worked on in the last few years.

NFT For All

A website to mint your favourite NFT for a small fee. Check out the archive here.

Green cardstock box containing white, beige, and brown cards.

Game of Pets

A marketplace for homemade pet toys and snacks.

Green cardstock box open with 50 cards inside.


A local marketplace to buy and sell homecooked food.

Stack of three green cardstock boxes with 3 hole cutouts showing cards inside.